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We Provide First Aid and CPR Training Courses in Odessa, TX

Basin Compliance Incorporated provides comprehensive first aid and CPR training courses in Odessa, TX. We want employees to act fast in times of accidents or dangerous situations should they arise in the workplace. That is why we offer these training courses to prepare employees for the unexpected. As authorized medic first aid and American Red Cross first aid & CPR trainers, we must help spread our knowledge to keep workplaces safer for everyone. For employers, having your employees take these courses also helps your organization become OSHA compliant.

Why is first aid training important in the workplace?

It doesn’t matter if your workplace is in an office building, a construction site, a laboratory, or anywhere else. All of these places have something in common, and that is accidents can happen. In situations like those where the unexpected may happen, employees need to know how to handle the situation. Whether your workplace is in a high-hazard or low-hazard environment, each has a variety of risks. And if you cannot act fast enough, precious time will be lost and injuries left untreated may worsen by the time an ambulance arrives. As such, taking a first aid training course in Odessa, TX is always a plus.

What is included in the first aid and CPR training course?

The first aid training course of the American Red Cross provides the skills and information needed to help both children and adults during emergencies. Its CPR training involves online, in-person, and blended simulation courses. It also teaches CPR techniques for both adults and children.

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