Midland TX

We Provide Quality Drug Screening in Midland, TX

Whether you are an employer or an individual seeking employment, situations where you may need to order a drug test is quite common. This is because it is necessary to keep workplaces free of potential risks. Basin Compliance Incorporated provides drug screening in Midland, TX for compliance purposes. We provide DOT-compliant & Non-DOT as well as instant drug screening services.

What is DOT-compliant Drug Screening?

DOT drug testing is regulated by the Department of Transportation. These are required from individuals working in highly sensitive positions or potentially unsafe environments that are under DOT jurisdiction. Individuals who are applying for the same positions are also required to undergo this test. The test is done through urine samples.

What is Non-Dot Drug Screening

A Non-DOT drug test is given to employees in industries that are not regulated by the Department of Transportation. These tests are dictated by individual employers, which means they can decide how their drug testing program should be done based on their company’s needs. The timing, frequency, and type of tests are also decided by the employers. These types of drug tests in Midland, TX and all over the US can be done through urine, oral fluid, hair, or a combination of all these samples. Applicable considerations and legal regulations are also taken into account.

What is Instant Drug Screening?

For instant drug tests, the results are usually available within a few minutes. Its purpose is to detect the presence of drugs in the specimen within the specified category.

If you need to undergo drug screening in Midland, TX, we at Basin Compliance Incorporated can accommodate your needs. Schedule an appointment with us.